My Deen Coach

‘My Deen Coach’ is the first WhatsApp Companion designed to guide you through five minutes of daily ‘Deen-Me’ time.

Do you feel empty after spending your ‘me-time’ on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook while doing nothing for your Deen?

Do you feel like you have no time to commit to Islamic courses or too exhausted to finish even a single lecture?

 Are you overwhelmed with all the Islamic videos, books and apps?

We have experienced all of the above and come across many women that feel the same. This is exactly why we started ‘My Deen Coach‘. 

What is My Deen Coach?

‘My Deen Coach’ is a safe Community on WhatsApp, ensuring your privacy is respected and your name and number aren’t visible to other members.

As a private member, you’ll receive daily bite-sized guidance to simply follow and learn, building your connection with Allah, the Most High, one step at a time.

How does it work?

After joining, you’ll be added to the ‘My Deen Coach’ Community on WhatsApp within 24 hours and you can start benefiting from the content day-by-day. In your own space and whenever you need it.

Completing the easy to follow, daily assignments will leave you feeling reassured, having fulfilled a good deed and learnt something new for the sake of Allah.

What will I get?

‘My Deen Coach’ is there to support you to (re)connect your heart with Allah and supercharge your emaan.

Daily you’ll receive:

🔶 Deen-based assignments and simple exercises to feel closer to Allah.

🔶 Islamic Knowledge gems WITH action points – not just theory!

🔶 Guided reflections enabling you to feel more ‘present’ in your daily life & recognise the blessings in it.

🔶 Supplications in heart-language; inviting you to speak to your Lord.

🔶 Motivating, personal audios giving you that push to take action for your heart.

🔶 Practical faith-based tools & resources developed exclusively for ‘My Deen Coach.’

How much is it to become a member?

We want ‘My Deen Coach’ to be affordable for everyone.
You can now start benefiting for £9.99 – this will be a one-off amount for a full month of membership. After that you can simply renew manually & continue benefiting.

We spend large amounts on our children’s madrasah fees and activities, but what do we do for our own Deen?

Like a trusty companion, ‘My Deen Coach’ is here to stay, all year round. So after your month membership, you can simply renew manually & continue benefiting, still at £9.99 (a month).

See it as a subscription for your heart!

When it comes to spending on ourselves, we usually think twice. But it’s time to take care of your Deen and invest in your Hereafter.

How do I join?

1. Click below button to join.

2. Fill in your name, phone number and email.

3. You’ll receive a confirmation email (check the junk folder) with some
motivation 🙂

4. You’ll be added to the ‘My Deen Coach’ Community on WhatsApp or you’ll receive an invite to join the ‘My Deen Coach’ Community; simply accept the invite and you’ll be inside!

What do I need?

We work around the clock to share a world of benefits and knowledge with you in comprehensive, daily doses. Giving you that bit of guidance, when you’re busy with daily life, whilst maximising your rewards.
All you need is a WhatsApp account and dedication to draw closer to Allah, the most High.

Transform your relationship with Allah. Let’s put an end to the frustration and guilt you’ve been feeling for not giving YOUR Deen the time it needs!

Your membership will be valid for one month.

We can’t wait for you to join us and start feeling connected.

My Deen Coach
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My Deen Coach is a women-only, WhatsApp companion service in cooperation with SISTERS’ PROJECT*, United Kingdom.