Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Deen Coach and ‘My Deen Coach💕’?

Deen Coach (previously Ramadan Coach) is a free WhatsApp group since 2021, joined by thousands of sisters from all over the world; where tips, resources & reflections are shared.
Deen Coach will stay as it is.

My Deen Coach💕’ is the private and premium version, where – through a paid membership – you’ll continue your journey on a much more personal and deeper level, getting tools and resources exclusively designed for ‘My Deen Coach.’ An example is the unique daily Ramadan Love Series 2023 (to be announced).

Can I join both Deen Coach and My Deen Coach💕?

Yes! In fact, it’s an ideal combination. You can stay on the Deen Coach WhatsApp group and join as a private member of My Deen Coach.💕 You’ll see My Deen Coach will have specific content to structurally guide you through daily Deen-Me time, like a daily companion.