Lovingly guiding you through each day of Ramadan

This Ramadan, get daily posts with ready-made, good deeds!

Especially for busy sisters; each day you’ll receive a concise post with: one Ayah Action point, one Sunnah to revive, one Heart-language Dua’ & one blessing to focus on.

Simply follow along five minutes a day and maximise your rewards.

Daily, you’ll get 4 beautiful visuals, made to create a moment of calm and true love, directly to your WhatsApp inbox.

How does it work?

Join the Ramadan Love Series and within 24 hours you’ll be added to the ‘My Deen Coach💕’ sisters-only community on Whatsapp.
That’s it- you’re all set to receive the posts from day 1 of Ramadan!

Btw; no one will be able to see your name or details.

It’ll be like a private, loving companion by your side, guiding you day-by-day throughout the blessed month.

Double sadaqah!
The beauty is that the £9.99 (or $11) to have access to My Deen Coach will benefit a project to support sisters and children in need.*
So you’re gaining knowledge, doing good deeds AND helping to support sisters in difficulty; in the best month of the year.

💕Experience a Ramadan of true love.

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A quick note about My Deen Coach: The Ramadan 2024 Love Series is exclusively on My Deen Coach; which is the first Whatsapp Companion for sisters, designed to guide you through 5 minutes of daily ‘Deen-Me’ time.

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[My Deen Coach is a Whatsapp companion service in cooperation with *SISTERS’ PROJECT, est.2008 in the United Kingdom and supporting sisters in need.]